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Our Project & Programme PMO services bring rigour to project and Programme delivery, ensuring effective and efficient delivery orchestration. Our highly skilled PMO leads and analysts have successfully managed projects and Programmes of varying sizes, from small-scale projects to multi-year, global transformation Programmes, and bring a wealth of experience and best practices from a range of industries.

We work closely with you to define project scope, establish project governance, and develop a detailed project plan. Our PMO services bring the right set of toolkits for your requirements, tailored to your unique context. We take a hands-on approach to project delivery, proactively identifying and mitigating risks, monitoring project progress, and ensuring that project milestones are met on time and within budget.

As part of our PMO services, we design and deploy dashboards that monitor the heartbeat of project & Programme delivery, ensuring that the health of the project is constantly being monitored and corrective actions can be taken. We utilise a range of project management tools, including Agile methodologies, DevOps practices, and Lean Six Sigma methodologies, to support effective and efficient delivery.

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With our Project & Programme PMO services, you can be confident that your projects and Programmes are in good hands, with a team of experienced professionals driving effective and efficient delivery orchestration from start to finish. Whether you are undertaking a small-scale project or embarking on a complex, multi-year transformation Programme, we have the expertise and experience to support your delivery needs.

Successful project delivery requires a combination of experienced project managers, tailored solutions, effective communications, and risk management.

We believe that the key to delivering world-class PMO services is finding the right balance between rigour and flexibility. Our tailored approach combines the necessary rigour with the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances, allowing us to deliver successful Programmes that meet your objectives and drive real business value. Our PMO approach is underpinned by the following framework:


Defining a clear governance framework and establishing roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability and alignment across stakeholders.


Developing a detailed project plan with clear milestones, timelines, and deliverables to enable effective monitoring and reporting of progress.


Utilising a range of project management tools and methodologies, such as Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and DevOps, to support effective and efficient delivery.


Utilising a structured approach to risk and issue management, proactively identifying potential risks and issues, and developing mitigation strategies to address them.


Implementing effective communication and stakeholder engagement strategies, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

Performance & Reporting:

Utilising data and analytics to support decision-making, monitoring project performance, and identifying areas for improvement.

Continuous Improvement:

Implementing a culture of continuous improvement, regularly reviewing and refining project management processes, and practices to ensure ongoing effectiveness and efficiency.

More Project Management & Value Assurance Services

Digital Project Management:

We specialise in Digital Project and Programme Management services that enable you to plan, budget and orchestrate your digital project delivery from start to finish.

Business Change Management:

We work closely with you to identify the key stakeholders impacted by the change, ensuring that they are aligned and engaged throughout the change journey.

Value Assurance and Benefits Management:

Our expertise and experience in this area enable us to deliver exceptional value to you as you navigate through your digital change.

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