Case Study

Project Management, Data Analytics and Data Visualisation

The Challenge

Our client did not have intuitive or informative data visualisation insights solution to support their investor engagement service line ultimately causing significant data trawling, validation and data correction exercises for operational teams. A huge resourcing effort. The problem was exasperated by the underlying data being stored in a third party Nasdaq Insight system and to extract was described as stepping into ‘uncharted waters’ by the Nasdaq team.

Improved Accuracy & Clarity

Our solution

As a project management team, we stepped in and opened up negotiations with third parties to include all key suppliers, ensuring all clearly understood the client ‘ask’ and to arrive at a shared service model that could operate as single solution for the client. The execution required intense business analysis workshops, prototype designs and IT builds, using an agile approach. The team worked ‘hand-in-hand’ with third parties to implement a data lake, data mapping and building data infrastructure for transfer, ingestion, and curation. Our team orchestrated an operational retrospective exercise to assure digital security and privacy reviews.

Our Impact

The client now has access to the underlying data supplied within their feeds via an Engagement Dashboard, providing far greater accuracy, clarity through visual data representation and intelligence, and opening up a realm of possibilities for additional functionality. This sits alongside an underlying data service layer via a newly built data lake. In 2023 our client is looking for agentiv to project manage further capability delivery, building on everything we put in place during 2022.