Case Study

New Business Ecosystems – New Private Cloud Solution

The Challenge

This client was attempting to deliver their first SAP Private Cloud solution which brought a series of technical challenges. The offering would be managed across different vendors, each playing a key role from operations, delivery and technology which required coordination and scope to be defined through a lens. The client’s target solution was to onboard new business entities, which are considerably complex within 10 weeks, normally taking 3-4 months with significant cost.

Delivery of Complex Cloud Solution

Our solution

Agentiv’s focus was to set up one agile team of experts who would work closely together on a common approach. As the challenge was particularly complex all parties involved had to be organised with design, testing and documentation to future proof the solution and enhancement process. Our agile delivery methods logically prioritised the backlog, clearly defined acceptance criteria and ensuring status reporting was at the forefront. Rigorous daily stand ups meant that all team members were heard and the team was fixated on daily objectives. As an agile team, we were able to quickly learn from our previous releases and streamline delivery. Through retrospectives, we took on feedback and updated our processes to perform better next time.

Our Impact

We were able to set up the guidelines to private cloud implementations as well as resolve technical challenges for future 3rd party to 3rd party systems. By coordinating all vendors as one team, we were able to keep our promise to consistently onboard new businesses for the client landscape within the 10 week period, a fit for purpose solution.