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At Agentiv, we understand that effective change management is critical to ensuring the successful adoption of digital projects and Programmes. Our Business Change Management services are designed to ensure that your organisation can navigate the complex and often challenging journey of digital transformation with confidence and ease.

We work closely with your organisation to identify the key stakeholders impacted by the change, ensuring that they are aligned and engaged throughout the change journey. Our experienced change management consultants then develop and implement a tailored change management strategy, designed to guide users (both internal and external) through the change journey and support their adoption of new processes and systems.

Our approach is underpinned by a rigorous change management framework, which ensures that change is managed in a structured and controlled manner. This includes developing a comprehensive communications plan, as well as providing training and support to end-users to ensure that they are fully equipped to adopt and utilise new systems and processes.

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We believe that effective change management requires ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that the change is embedded and sustained. Our change management consultants work with your organisation to develop and implement a post-implementation review process, which enables us to identify areas for improvement and refine our approach to ensure ongoing effectiveness and success.

Successful project delivery requires a combination of experienced project managers, tailored solutions, effective communications, and risk management.

Our change management approach focuses on several key areas to ensure that stakeholders are aligned to, and adopt the change introduced by your digital product or programme of work. Broadly, our approach s based on the following:


Engaging and communicating with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, from executive sponsors to end-users, to ensure buy-in and alignment on the digital change initiative.

Impact Assessments:

Conducting thorough impact assessments to identify potential areas of resistance and design, targeted change management interventions to mitigate risks and promote adoption.

Strategic Vision:

Developing and executing a comprehensive change management plan that includes clear communication strategies, training and support plans, and stakeholder engagement activities.


Leveraging technology tools and platforms to support change management activities, such as collaboration tools, learning management systems, and analytics dashboards.


Monitoring and tracking adoption rates and user feedback to identify areas for improvement and refine change management strategies as necessary.

Culture and Practices

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ongoing learning, encouraging feedback and input from stakeholders, and incorporating lessons learned into future change management initiatives.

Sustain Acceleration:

Partnering with internal and external stakeholders, such as HR, IT, and external vendors, to ensure alignment and collaboration on change management activities.

Institute Change:

Empowering change champions and leaders within the organisation to promote the digital change initiative and facilitate adoption at the local level.

Managing change can be a complex and challenging activity, and change management is often the key to achieving successful outcomes for projects and programmes. At Agentiv, we understand the importance of effective change management and the role it plays in ensuring the adoption and success of digital initiatives. 

Our team of experienced change management experts will partner with your organization to guide you through the change journey, ensuring stakeholders are aligned, and users, both internal and external, are effectively guided through the transition to the new digital environment. With our support, you can be confident that your digital change efforts will achieve the desired outcomes and deliver value to your business.

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