Project Management, Data Analytics and Data Visualisation

Our client did not have intuitive or informative data visualisation insights solution to support their investor engagement service line ultimately causing significant data trawling, validation and data correction exercises for operational teams. A huge resourcing effort. The problem was exasperated by the underlying data being stored in a third party Nasdaq Insight system and to extract was described as stepping into ‘uncharted waters’ by the Nasdaq team.

New Business Ecosystems – New Private Cloud Solution

This client was attempting to deliver their first SAP Private Cloud solution which brought a series of technical challenges. The offering would be managed across different vendors, each playing a key role from operations, delivery and technology which required coordination and scope to be defined through a lens. The client’s target solution was to onboard new business entities, which are considerably complex within 10 weeks, normally taking 3-4 months with significant cost.

Project Management Assurance

Due to the lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities, multiple sources of requests, siloed teams and absence of transparency of processes and key information there was a difficulty in consolidating data, reviewing outcomes and considering the purpose of key objectives. Often work was duplicated or not produced in the most efficient way. Teams did not communicate or follow the same processes.

Optimising a Financial Report for an Energy Company

One of Agentiv’s Energy clients required a Power BI financial report that would consolidate data from 17 different ERP systems. The data was stored in an Azure Data Hub in databricks and contained over 20 billion rows of data. Poor performance meant the report took several minutes to load, display visuals and show interactive elements. Agentiv had to optimise the performance of the report and ensure that all data elements were displayed >4 seconds.